Meskwaki Nation Tribal Court

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The Meskwaki Nation Tribal Court rules of practice and procedure govern litigation in the Meskwaki Nation Tribal Court. This site provides access to the Meskwaki Nation rules in effect. 

​Last Updated 01.17.2018

Title 5, Article II, Chapter 3, Sec. 5-4301(e) “In accordance with the provisions of this Title, the Court of Appeals shall establish and promulgate such rules of procedure for the conduct of its proceedings not inconsistent with this title or other law of the Tribe." 

Court RUles

Title 5, Article II, Sec. 5-2210(b) “The Chief Justice of the Court of Appeals shall preside over all proceedings of the Court and may make administrative and procedural orders without the participation of other Justices.”  

What is an Administrative Order?

The Justice of the Court of Appels adopts policies and procedures to guide the Tribal Court in conducting their administrative functions in a fair, efficient, and fiscally responsible way. 

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Rules & Procedures

Adminstrative orders

Meskwaki  statutes/Codes

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