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Pro Se ​Filing Information
This page contains basic forms necessary to make a pro se filing with the court – a filing done on your own, without the aid of an attorney. Attorneys are also welcome to use these forms as models. These forms are intended to guide you in providing necessary information to the Court. Use of these forms does not guarantee that your petition or motion will be granted.  The Court will review each situation independently and make a decision based on the information presented.  
You may wish to re-type these forms if you would like to add additional relevant information that may apply.  If you amend these forms, it is important that they remain consistent with statutory requirements and rules of the Court.  You may also need other forms that are not part of this packet.  The samples provided by the Court are intended only as a guide and may not always fit your exact situation. 
When you sign and file these documents, it is assumed by the Court that you have carefully read the documents, that you understand all the terms in the documents, and that you are aware of all the consequences those documents may produce.

Find a Meskwaki Nation Tribal Court form. 


 ANSWER – Use this form if you are a defendant or a respondent in an action already started in the Court. This form is where you respond to the complaint or claim against you.


ANSWER (MNCSS) – Use this form if you are responding to a claim brought by or through Meskwaki Nation Child Support Services.


CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE – Use this form to show that you have given copies of all filed documents to the other parties in the case in the manner required by the Rules of Civil Procedure (see Court Rule G-2).


CIVIL PETITION – Use this form if you would like to begin a case or request a modification in the ruling from an existing case in Meskwaki Tribal Court.


CIVIL PETITION TO MODIFY CUSTODY/CHILD SUPPORT/MAINTENANCE – Use this form if you would like to make a specific request to change an existing child custody, child support, or spousal maintenance order.


EXHIBIT LIST – Use this form to list and describe any physical evidence, including documents, photographs, or objects that you would like to introduce in Court.


MOTION FOR CONTINUANCE – Use this form if you would like to request the Court to reschedule a hearing or trial or if you would like to request additional time to prepare.


MOTION FOR PUBLICATION – Use this form if you have already attempted to serve documents on the other parties to the case and were not able to do so.


MOTION FOR RECUSAL – Use this form if you are concerned that the judge assigned to your case will not be capable of issuing a fair and impartial ruling.


MOTION TO APPEAR TELEPHONICALLY – Use this form if you would like to request to appear before the Court via telephone due to distance or other circumstances.

MOTION (OTHER)- Use this form if you have a request to submit to the Court that is not specified by another document. 

REPLY – Use this form if you would like to respond to a motion, either in support or opposition, filed by another party to the case.


STIPULATED MOTION – Use this form if you and the other party/parties to a case would like to jointly request the Court consider taking an action.


WITNESS LIST – Use this form to list and describe any witnesses you anticipate calling at trial.

PETITION FOR ADOPTION – Use this form if are attempting to legally establish a parent-child relationship under the Meskwaki Tribal Code.