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Suzanne Buffalo​

Dakota Crosswhite is a Tribal descendant from Standing Rock Reservation.

She graduated from Coe College in 2011 obtaining her B.A. degree in Business Administration and Public Relations minoring in Communication Studies. She is currently a student at the University Of Oklahoma College Of Law, working to get her masters in Legal Studies, specifically in Indigenous Peoples Law.

Dakota has worked in various managment and leadership roles. She is strives to bring customer service to the top in any position she is in.

Dakota has one son who keeps her busy. She loves to be active, going on hikes, boating, doing water sports, rock climbing and biking.

She is looking forward to learning more about Meskwaki Nation and being of assistance in helping the community.


Dakota crosswhite 


Court Administrator

Korinda Timberwolf


Korinda Timberwolf is the Assistant Deputy Clerk for Meskwaki Tribal Court. Kori has lived on the Settlement or nearby area her whole life and is a Meskwaki Tribal Member. She interned for the Tribal Court during her high school years and made her way back to the department years later. Korinda has a young son. A recent addition to the Court, Kori brings to the department her cultural pride, strong sense of "Humor", and a strong commitment to improve the lives of the people on the Settlement. 

Joy Mauskemo has served since November 2017 as the Court’s Clerk of Court of Appeals and the Clerk of Court.  Prior to that she was the case manager for the Meskwaki Nation Child Support Services for over 3 years.  She also was a Teacher Associate at the Meskwaki Elementary School from 2011—2014.  Joy has a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services and Psychology. 

Being from Tama County, Iowa, she has known the Tribal Community her entire life and she lives on the Meskwaki Indian Settlement with her husband, a tribal member, and their children.


Joy Mauskemo

The Clerk's office performs various jobs and duties for the Tribal Trial Court, Court of Appeals, the bar, and the public. It is responsible for filing cases, briefs, motions, petitions, and other documents that are presented to the courts for decision. Once the decisions have been made, the staff is also responsible for disseminating the opinions, orders, and per curiam orders to the press, attorneys, trial court judges, and the public. The office provides information and guidance to judges, attorneys, and the public about appellate practice and the appellate process. The Court Administrator is the financial officer of the courts and the office provides payroll and other fiscal services for the personnel of both courts and the Court of Appeals. The office also administers the budgets of both courts as appropriated by the Tribal Council of the Sac and Fox Nation of the Mississippi in Iowa. The Clerk's Office licenses and collects annual dues for attorneys, court reporters, and professional associations, and is responsible for the funds collected.

​Dawn Suzanne (Wanatee) Buffalo is a member of the Meskwaki Tribe and lives on the Meskwaki Indian Settlement.  Suzanne began working in the Tribe’s Clerk of Court’s office in 2007, shortly after the Court began. She has also worked in the Meskwaki Nation Child Support Services office.  

Suzanne has served on the Iowa Office of the State Archaeologist’s Indian Advisory Council since 2014, and on the Grievance Commission of the Supreme Court of Iowa since 2015.

Originally from the Settlement, she later lived in the American West for a while where she received an Office Administration Certificate from the Las Vegas Paiute Tribe Adult Vocational Program in Las Vegas, Nevada, and then worked in advertising and public relations in Las Vegas.  After returning home to Iowa, she worked in many roles in Tribal Government before Tribal Court.

She has co-authored a nationally recognized and award winning CD regarding Meskwaki History along with her husband Johnathan L. Buffalo, Meskwaki Historical Preservation Director.  Suzanne previously served on the Iowa Commission on Native American Affairs from 2013 to 2017, and has served on many Tribal committees during her lifetime.


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